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[Title] Statement on Air-Hijacking, Bonn Summit

[Place] Bonn
[Date] July 17, 1978
[Source] http://www.g8kyushu-okinawa.go.jp/j/past_summit/index.html
[Full text]

The Heads of State and Government, concerned about terrorism and the taking of hostages, declare that their governments will intensify their joint efforts to combat international terrorism. To this end, in cases where a country refuses extradition or prosecution of those who have hijacked an aircraft and/or do not return such aircraft, the Heads of State and Government are jointly resolved that their government shall take immediate action to cease all flights to that country. At the same time, their governments will initiate action to halt all incoming flights from that country or from any country by the airlines of the country concerned.

They urge other governments to joint them in this commitment.