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[Title] Special Statement of the Summit on Indochinese Refugees,Tokyo Summit

[Place] Tokyo
[Date] June 28, 1979
[Source] http://www.g8kyushu-okinawa.go.jp/j/past_summit/index.html
[Full text]

The plight of refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia poses a humanitarian problem of historic proportions and constitutes a threat to the peace and stability of Southeast Asia. Given the tragedy and suffering which are taking place, the problem calls for an immediate and major response.

The Heads of State and Government call on Vietnam and other countries of Indochina to take urgent and effective measures so that the present human hardship and suffering are eliminated. They confirm the great importance they attach to the immediate cessation of the disorderly outflow of refugees without prejudice to the principles of free emigration and family reunification.

The Governments represented will substantially increase their contributions to Indochinese refugee relief and resettlement - by making more funds available and by admitting more people while taking into account the existing circumstances in each country.

The Heads of State and Government request the Secretary-General of the United Nations to convene a conference as soon as possible with a view to attaining concrete and positive results. They extend full support to this objective and are ready to participate constructively in such a conference.

The Heads of State and Government call on all nations to join in addressing this pressing problem.