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[Title] Statement on Hijacking, Venice Summit

[Place] Venice
[Date] June 22, 1980
[Source] http://www.g8kyushu-okinawa.go.jp/j/past_summit/index.html
[Full text]

The Heads of State and Government expressed their satisfaction at the broad support of the international community for the principles set out in the Bonn Declaration of July 1978 as well as in the international Conventions dealing with unlawful interference with civil aviation. The increasing adherence to these Conventions and the responsible attitude taken by States with respect to air-hijacking reflect the fact that these principles are being accepted by the international community as a whole.

The Heads of State and Government emphasize that hijacking remains a threat to international civil aviation and that there can be no relaxation of efforts to combat this threat. To this end they look forward to continuing co-operation with all other Governments.