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[Title] Statement on Iraq-Iran War and Freedom of Navigation in the Gulf

[Place] Venezia
[Date] June 9, 1987
[Source] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

We agree that new and concerted international efforts are urgently required to help bring the Iraq-Iran war to an end. We favour the earliest possible negotiated end to the war with the territorial integrity and independence of both Iraq and Iran intact. Both countries have suffered grievously from this long and tragic war. Neighbouring countries are threatened with the possible spread of the conflict. We call once more upon both parties to negotiate an immediate end of the war. We strongly support the mediation efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General and urge the adoption of just and effective measures by the UN Security Council. With these objectives in mind, we reaffirm that the principle of freedom of navigation in the Gulf is of paramount importance for us and for others and must be upheld. The free flow of oil and other traffic through the Strait of Hormuz must continue unimpeded.

We pledge to continue to consult on ways to pursue these important goals effectively.