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[Title] Political Declaration, Narcotics

[Place] Toronto
[Date] June 20, 1988
[Source] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]


16. The illegal use of drugs and the illicit trafficking in them poses grave risks to the peoples of Summit countries as well as the peoples of source and transit countries. There is an urgent need for improved international co-operation in all appropriate fora on programs to counter all facets of the illicit drug problem, in particular production, trafficking, and financing of the drug trade. The complexity of the problem requires additional international co-operation, in particular to trace, freeze and confiscate the proceeds of drug traffickers, and to curb money laundering.

17. We look forward to the successful negotiation in Vienna in November of a United Nations Convention on illicit trafficking.

18. We supported the initiative of the Government of the United States for a special task force to be convened to propose methods of improving co-operation in all areas including national, bilateral and multilateral efforts in the fight against narcotics.