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[Title] Political Declaration, Declaration on China

[Place] Arch
[Date] July 15, 1989
[Source] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

We have already condemned the violent repression in China in defiance of human rights. We urge the Chinese authorities to cease action against those who have done no more than claim their legitimate rights to democracy and liberty.

This repression has led each of us to take appropriate measures to express our deep sense of condemnation, to suspend bilateral Ministerial and high-level contacts, and also to suspend arms-trade with China, where it exists. Furthermore, each of us has agreed that, in view of current economic uncertainties, the examination of new loans by the World Bank be postponed. We have also decided to extend the stays of those Chinese students who so desire.

We look to the Chinese authorities to create conditions which will avoid their isolation and provide for a return to co-operation based upon the resumption of movement towards political and economic reform, and openness. We understand and share the grave concern felt by the people of Hong Kong following these events. We call on the Government of the People's Republic of China to do what is necessary to restore confidence in Hong Kong. We recognize that the continuing support of the international community will be an important element in the maintenance of confidence in Hong Kong.