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[Title] G8 Statement on Korean Peninsula, Okinawa Summit

[Place] Okinawa
[Date] July 21, 2000
[Source] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

We warmly welcome the Summit Meeting between the ROK and the DPRK held in Pyongyang on 13-15 June 2000 and underline the historic importance of this meeting. We fully support the positive developments set in train by the meeting, and encourage the South-North dialogue to continue and advance further. We sincerely hope that such a process, including the faithful implementation of the South-North Joint Declaration, will usher in a new era in inter-Korean relations and reduce the tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

We strongly support all efforts by the ROK and the DPRK to reduce tension and establish lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula that contribute to stability in Northeast Asia. We reiterate also our strong support for the ROK's engagement policy which is contributing to positive developments. We welcome the constructive attitude shown by the DPRK, and take note of the reconfirmation of its moratorium on missile-launch as a positive step. We call on the DPRK to continue such efforts. In this context, we look forward to a constructive response to international concerns over security, non-proliferation, humanitarian and human rights issues.