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[Title] Russia's role in the G8

[Place] Kananaskis
[Date] June , 2002
[Source] http://www.g8.gc.ca/menu-e.asp
[Full text]

Today, we reached an historic decision on the future of the G8. In 2006, we have agreed that Russia will assume the presidency and host our annual Summit.

The world is changing. Russia has demonstrated its potential to play a full and meaningful role in addressing the global problems that we all face.

This decision reflects the remarkable economic and democratic transformation that has occurred in Russia in recent years and in particular under the leadership of President Putin.

The G8 Summit cycle will begin again in 2003 in France followed by the United States (2004), the United Kingdom (2005), Russia (2006), Germany (2007), Japan (2008), Italy (2009) and Canada (2010).