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[Title] International Initiative on 3S-Based Nuclear Energy Infrastracture, G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit

[Place] Hokkaido Toyako
[Date] July 8, 2008
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
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1. At Heiligendamm, G8 leaders reaffirmed their pledge at former summit meetings regarding the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. They also acknowledged that "(t)hose of us who have or are considering plans relating to the use and/or development of safe and secure nuclear energy believe that its development will contribute to global energy security, while simultaneously reducing harmful air pollution and addressing the climate change challenge."

2. We, the G8 members, have underlined the paramount importance of nuclear non-proliferation/safeguards, safety and security ("3S" as identified in the IAEA "Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power") in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. We have reiterated common interest to continuously improve 3S, recognizing that ensuring 3S forms a sound basis for international transparency and confidence in the sustainable use of nuclear energy.

3. In the last few years we have witnessed that a growing number of countries worldwide have expressed their interest in nuclear energy as a means for addressing climate change and energy security concerns. It is acknowledged that while the appropriate energy mix depends upon each countrys situation and policy, there is clearly a rising interest in nuclear energy.

4. While reaffirming the inalienable right of all parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in conformity with all NPT obligations, we recognize that there is a growing need for establishing common understanding on the importance of 3S. In this regard, it is recognized that while the countries interested in nuclear energy have the responsibility for ensuring 3S, international cooperation in this field can prove beneficial, and that the G8 members should take an active role in promoting such international cooperation.

5. Against this background, an international initiative proposed by Japan on 3S-based nuclear energy infrastructure will be launched with the following shared principles and actions to be taken. This initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of 3S worldwide and assisting the countries concerned in developing 3S and the relevant infrastructure for the introduction of nuclear energy through international cooperation.


6. The following has been set as the shared principles of the international initiative:

- application of nuclear energy to power generation is clearly part of peaceful uses foreseen in article IV of the NPT;

- each state has a right to define its national energy policy;

- peaceful use of nuclear energy accompanied by commitments to implement 3S is a sound basis for international transparency and confidence in the sustainable development of nuclear energy. Implementation of 3S constitutes an indispensable objective for the development of the infrastructure necessary for the introduction of nuclear power generation;

- while the responsibilities of ensuring 3S and developing the necessary regulatory, legal and administrative infrastructure rest with the countries concerned, international cooperation can greatly contribute to the development of such infrastructure;

- we duly recognize the pivotal role and function of the IAEA related to nuclear energy infrastructure development; - on-going related national and international activities, such as the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) and the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, among others should be duly acknowledged.


7. The following actions will be taken under this initiative in cooperation with or complementary to IAEA activities:

- sharing good practices and lessons learned in implementing our 3S-related activities to support infrastructure development as mentioned above;

- exchanging information on on-going activities both bilateral and multilateral to support infrastructure development;

- identifying challenges which have surfaced in infrastructure development;

- identifying areas of infrastructure development that could be improved through international cooperation both bilaterally and multilaterally;

- implementing bilateral and multilateral projects as necessary, on a voluntary basis, to support infrastructure development in accordance with our shared principles.