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◆ News
  • In total there are 11804 documents. (2023.2.3)
  • Top 50 Access Rating Documents of All-Time (2000.7.13-2022.9.3) uploaded (English, Japanese) (2023.1.25)
  • Since September 3, 2022, the "World and Japan" database website (https://worldjpn.grips.ac.jp) has been unavailable due to a system failure at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS).
    From October 24, 2022, the URL of the database will be changed to: https://worldjpn.net and the document data will once again be made public.
    Certain functions of the database will not immediately be accessible on the new website, including the chronology search, document search, and abbreviation search systems, as they are still under maintenance. However, the document data published between 1992 and September 2, 2022 will be accessible.
    We are currently considering redirecting from the old URL (https://worldjpn.grips.ac.jp), but for the time being, please use the new URL (https://worldjpn.net).
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the network disruption.
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Japanese Politics and International Relations    (Japanese)
  • This database consists of basic documents for studying the international relations of Japanese politics mainly after WWII. In addition to these basic documents, this database includes addresses made by Prime Ministers to the Imperial Diet before WWII as well as addresses in and outside of the National Diet after WWII. Also included are addresses made by Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of Finance, Secretaries of Economic Planning Agency, Japanese representatives to the UN General Assembly, and Summit-related documents. In this database, you can also find many important WWII documents.

    This database was supported by Monbusho grants-in-aid for "Basic Research on the Formation of Postwar Japan" from 1992 to 1994 headed by Akio Watanabe, and by grants-in-aid for "Publicizing Research Outcomes" from 1995 to 1998 headed by Akihiko Tanaka, and contributed to by Akio Watanabe, Susumu Yamakage, Shinichi Kitaoka, and Naoto Nonaka. Until 1998, this database only included the addresses that were delivered inside and outside the Diet and was called the "Database of Japanese Ministerial Addresses." In 1998, other documents were added making this database more comprehensive.

◆ "Chronology of the 20th and 21st Centuries" (Japanese only) updated 1/9/08
  • 15,826 new entries have been added since April 1st, 2007; in total there are 233,962 entries covering the piriod from 1900 to December 2006.

    The "Chronology of the 20th and 21st Centuries" database covers world and Japanese domestic affairs from 1933 to 1994. This database was originally named "General Chronology of Postwar Japan" and was available on this web site until March 1993. The "General Chronology of Postwar Japan" database was supported by Monbusho grants-in-aid for "Basic Research on the Formation of Postwar Japan" from 1992 to 1994 and by Monbusho grants-in-aid for "Publicizing Research Outcomes" from 1995 to 1997. Both projects were headed by Akio Watanabe.

    The "Chronology of the 20th and 21st Centuries" database is the expanded version of the "General Chronology of Postwar Japan." This project was supported by Monbusho grants-in-aid for "Publicizing Research Outcomes" in 1998. This project is headed by Akio Watanabe and contributed to by Akihiko Tanaka, Naoto Nonaka, and Shiro Harada. Our aim is to produce a chronology covering 1901 to 2001. This database is, we believe, one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly databases available for the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Although all data have been checked thoroughly for historical accuracy, some uncertainties and inconsistencies remain. We would be very grateful for information that enables us to rectify any inaccuracies or inconsistencies.
◆ Note

    In spite of the utmost care taken in constructing these databases, we cannot be certain that all mistakes, including incorrect or omitted words, have been eliminated. We do not assume any responsibility for trouble caused through the use of these databases. Nevertheless, in order to improve the quality of the data provided, we would be very grateful for any information regarding inadequacies that users may notice.

We regret that we cannot answer substantive reference inquiries.

I wish to express my thanks to the many people who contributed to this project. Without their efforts the compiling of these databases would not have been possible. (Akihiko Tanaka)

* (J) indicates databases/files are available only in Japanese.

Last Updated: 2023.2.3

Akihiko Tanaka

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