Japanese Politics and International Relations

"The World and Japan" Database (Project Leader: TANAKA Akihiko)
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA), The University of Tokyo

Basic Documents of Postwar International Politics (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)

Collection of Multilateral Conventions (English, Japanese)

Global Environment Issue Documents (English, Japanese)

SDGs Documents (English, Japanese, Chinese)

G7/G8 Summit-related documents (English, Japanese)

G20 Summit-related documents (English, Japanese)

SCO - related documents (English, Japanese, Chinese)

BRICS - related documents (English, Japanese, Chinese)

Belt and Road - related documents (English, Japanese, Chinese)

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) - related documents (English, Japanese)

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) - related documents (English, Japanese)

ASEAN+3 - related documents (English, Japanese)

ARF (ASEAN Regional Forum) - related documents (English, Japanese)

East Asia Summit - related documents (English, Japanese)

Documents related to Japan - China - Korea Relations (English, Japanese, Chinese)

Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) - related documents (English, Japanese)

Basic Documents of Prewar International Politics (until August 14, 1945) (English, Japanese)

Addresses to the Imperial Diet before WWII and the National Diet after WWII
Prime ministerial addresses (Japanese)

Addresses of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Japanese)

Addresses of the Minister of Finance (Japanese)

Addresses of the Secretary of Economic Planning Agency (Japanese)
Speeches of Prime Ministers
Speeches of Prime Ministers (English, Japanese)
Speeches of Foreign Ministers
Speeches of Prime Ministers (English, Japanese)

Prime Minister Press Conference (English, Japanese)

Cabinet Decisions and Important Policies (Japanese)

Addresses of the Japanese representative to the UN General Assembly (Japanese)

Japan Security Policy (English, Japanese)

Documents related Japan's History Issues (English, Japanese)

"Japan in Asia" Documents (English, Japanese)

U.S.-Japan Relations
1776-1960 (Japanese)

1961-1970 (Japanese)

1971-1990 (Japanese)

1991-   (English, Japanese)
Japan-U.S. Summit Meetings (English, Japanese)

San Fransisco Peace Conference-related documents (Japanese)

Nuclear Issue-related documents (Japanese)

Japan-China Relations (Japanese, Chinese)

Japan-China diplomatic normalization-related documents (Japanese)

Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty-related documents (Japanese)

Japan-Taiwan Relations documents (English, Japanese, Chinese)

Japan-Korean Peninsula Relations documents (English, Japanese)

Japan-Mongolia Relations (Japanese)

Japan-Southeast Asia Relations documents (Japanese)

Japan-South Asia Relations documents (English, Japanese)

Japan-Russia and Japan-Soveit Union documents (English, Japanese)

Japan-Pacific States Relations documents (Japanese)

Japan-North America Relations documents (Japanese)

Japan-Europe Relations documents (English, Japanese)

Japan-Middle East Relations documents (English, Japanese)

Japan-Africa Relations documents (Japanese)

U.S.-China Relations (English, Japanese, Chinese)

China Security Policy (Japanese)

China-South Korea Relations documents (Japanese)

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